Geology and Geophysics Analysis

Geology study will display distribution of coal in depth, thickness, geological setting.

The work involves data acquisition, processing/ata loading, seismic interpretation 2D and 3D, mapping, logs interpretation, lithological description.

Geophysics Analysis

Sample preparation ,cleat description,thins ection SEM, XRD
petrological description, porosity estimation.

Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation

Set up reservoir model by defining net pay, gas content, permeability, saturation, pressure, completion technology and well spacing.
Austar Gas have simulators, Simedwin, FastCBM, Eclispe. The work involves history match, sensitivity, decline analysis and material Balance.

Well Test Design and Interpretation

Subject to characters of reservoir to select well test methods such as DST, injection/falloff, draw down, buildup and well interference.

Austar Gas interpret the test for Permeability, skin factor, reservoir pressure and boundary.

Gas Content and Isothermal Test

Austar has professional team and facilities in determining gas content and isothermal parameters. Deliver quick and accurate report. Austar Gas has done more than two thoudsand tests in Australia,Indonesia,Russia and China.

Well Design

Austar Gas has expert team in designing well subject to geological setting and reservoir characters to maximise the production.

Production Optimisation

Fracture Design and Supervision

Austar Gas has expertise in designing and supervising fracture treatment for unconventional reservoirs. In particular, Austar Gas can apply concept of reservoir protection into fracture design.

Reserve Calculation

Austar certifies reserves and carries out audits to SPE-PRMS, SEC, NI-51-01 and other standards. The principals of Austar have also had responsibility for the preparation of reserves statements, the preparation, evaluation and implementation of coal seam gas field development plans, during their careers with major organisations such as Arrow, Energy, Dart Energy, Ephindo, Longmen, PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. Austar applies its understanding of how unconventional resources differ from conventional oil and gas to derive reserve and resource estimates with the discipline and thoroughness applied to the conventional petroleum sector.


Austar has provided training courses in Indonesia, China, Russia and Australia. The courses cover geology, reservoir engineering, drilling and completion engineering, well test, fracturing engineering, production analysis and economic evaluation. Our principal and associates hold academic positions, including professors, at various Universities.

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