Coal mine degassing study was completed by Austar Gas in August 2012. This study is for Evraz Evraz plc, a London based multinational steel making and mining company. Under this study, Austar ran geology and reservoir study, and designed wells for the pre-degassing of a planned coal mine. The technology of degassing of gassy coal seams consists in drilling horizontal well into coal seam prior to mining. The well completed with perforated casing pipe. The gas can be produced from an intercepted vertical well where pumping system is installed. As a result, gas content of coal seam decreases effective until it reaches to 5 m3/t. Accordingly, gas saturation of the coal seam roof and methane concentration in mine workings are decreased. Safety of work in gassy coal mines is improved.
The result of application of this technology is general increase of coal output at mines and reduction of cost price pf the produced coal. The proposed technology was successfully tested at several coal-mining enterprises